New York officers escorted a woman home to protect her from her abuser arbitrarily showing up, and their protection saved her life.

The incident occurred in November 2020 in Springfield Gardens, Queens, two days before Thanksgiving.

Officers Christopher Wells and Joseph Murphy escorted the woman home, and a few minutes after they got inside her boyfriend showed up with a gun and entered the residence shooting.

He shot one officer in both of his hands, and he shot the other officer in his leg, both officers continued firing as they went to the ground.

The shooter died at the scene, and the woman was not shot thanks to the actions of the officers.

The 8 second shoot out was captured on officer Wells body cam, there was a total of 35 shots fired.

See footage from the body cam video below (Warning: the video is graphic):

We wish officer Wells and Murphy a speedy recovery from their injuries, and we salute them for saving a life.