Patrick Xavier Clark indicted with murder of Takeoff
Houston Police Department

Patrick Clark, the man charged with the murder of Migos rapper Takeoff, was released from jail on Wednesday on a $1 million bond. 

Initially, Clark’s bond was set at $2 million and his defense team requested that the bond be reduced to $300,000.

Judge Josh Hill denied the request and ruled that previous statements made by Patrick Clark, also known as DJ Pat, indicated that he could pay a $1 million bail and that there were bond companies willing to take on that risk. 

So, Judge Hill set that bond at $1 million.

Typically, bail bond companies require a ten percent payment, which means Clark may have only had to pay $100,000 to be released. 

Prosecutors argued the suspect in the case may not have been forthcoming about his financial assets. 

They said he works as a local DJ and strip club promoter and deals are largely done in cash so there is no way to determine how much money he actually has.

What’s interesting is last month, Clark asked a judge to approve $5,000 for him to hire a private investigator to help him “properly investigate his case and to prepare effectively for trial.”

The request was made because Clark stated his family had exhausted all of their financial resources on his attorney.

So, where did the $100,000 come from?

Prosecutors also labeled Patrick Clark as a flight risk. 

They also claim Clark searched for information about the case online and also searched his name and age in relation to the case. 

His attorney argued that he did not know he was the prime suspect in the rapper’s death.

Under his bond conditions, Clarks is not allowed to leave his parent’s home on the far east side of Houston and he cannot contact any of Takeoff’s family.

He is due back in court in March. 

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Source: ABC 13

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