Corbin Reid weds Jasson Crockett

Corbin Reid is officially a married woman!

The “Run The World” actress tied the knot with Jasson Crockett six years after they were matched on the Bumble dating app.

The 34-year-old actress and the 36-year-old Snap Inc. public policy manager exchanged vows on New Year’s Eve at the Pattoo Castle in Negril, Jamaica. 

She took to Instagram writing, “We’re married yall!! Thank you to everyone who helped make this manifestation of my Jamaican Grandparents wildest dreams come true!”

Corbin’s “Run The World” costars, Amber Stevens West and Bresha Webb, were in attendance on her special day. 

Amber wrote, “I was so moved by the vows these two made to each other. @corbinmreid & @moneyball85 thank you for including us in this momentous occasion. It was a night we’ll never forget!”

Bresha added, “We had so much fun! Like fun fun!!! Thanks for a beautiful night to remember @corbinmreid @moneyball85! Congratulations 🍾🎊🎉🎈 y’all are so beautiful! 🥹”

See the post below. 

On their wedding website, Corbin Reid and Jasson Crockett share the story of how they met:

Corbin and Jasson had the modern millennial meet-cute… by connecting on Bumble.  After reading Jasson boast about his mac and cheese on his profile, and the fact that he super-liked her, Corbin decided to give him a shot. 

Before their first date, Corbin came down with the stomach flu but decided to keep the date so Jasson didn’t think she was an LA flake. 

Despite being under the weather, Corbin braved the all-you-can-eat Brazilian BBQ lunch at the Grove Farmers Market. 

The date continued on to LACMA where the two walked and talked for hours until Corbin finally had to come clean and admit to (a completely oblivious) Jasson that she was sick the entire date.  That’s when Jasson realized, she really is an actress.

They also gave the scoop on the proposal: 

Corbin and Jasson also share a love for the winter holidays.  While the pandemic put a damper on the 2020 holidays, Corbin and Jasson were determined to keep their promise to celebrate in Corbin’s hometown of Minneapolis. 

However, Jasson kept disappearing in the days leading up to Christmas to “run errands”.  But on the morning of Christmas Eve, Corbin walked out on her porch to hear a caroller singing John Legend’s “So High” on the front porch. 

Jasson tried to convince Corbin it was a Minneapolis AirBnB tradition to send carollers, but mid-way through the song, Corbin realized what was happening, as Jasson got down on one knee and proposed in the 2-degree snow. 

The two celebrated along with Pepper, their whoodle, Judith McKenzie (Corbin’s Mom), and a host of family and friends who joined for a toast on Zoom.  

Congratulations to the beautiful couple. 

Visit People to see exclusive photos from Mr. and Mrs. Crockett’s wedding.

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