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A warrant to search a truck belonging to murder suspect Patrick Xavier Clark is revealing new details about what police believe happened on the night Takeoff was killed. 

According to the warrant, Migos rappers Quavo and his nephew, Takeoff, were in town to visit with music producer Jas Prince

They went to a basketball game at a local gym and later headed to a private party at 810 Billiards & Bowling in Houston on October 31. 

The warrant states around 2:34 a.m. on November 1, about 34 people were gathered outside of the bowling alley.

A dice game ensued and someone lost a large sum of money, which prompted a verbal altercation involving Quavo, Michael Prince, and two other young men, Cameron Joshua and Christopher Watkins.

According to police, the verbal altercation became physical when Cameron Joshua appeared to be struck by Willie Bland.

In a video, obtained by police, two people are seen firing shots. 

Police identified one of the shooters as Willie Bland, who was traveling with Quavo and Takeoff.

Police said Bland’s shots were not fired in Takeoff’s direction. 

Bland’s bullets went into the bowling alley but did not hit anyone.

Police said it was the two shots from Patrick Xavier Clark’s gun that struck and killed the 28-year-old rapper because of the “direction” he was seen firing the gun on surveillance video.

Authorities said Clark was also holding a wine bottle at the time, which he left at the scene and police were able to lift fingerprints off of it. 

At the scene, police recovered nine .40 caliber casings and a single casing from a. 9mm firearm. 

The warrant states Takeoff was shot by two medium caliber bullets but does not state what kind of gun was used.

Bland reportedly told police he didn’t know his gun’s caliber and police have not determined or disclosed his gun’s caliber.

Willie Bland has not been charged despite firing a weapon at the murder scene.

Police have determined Bland’s bullets entered the bowling alley and did not strike Takeoff or the other two victims who suffered gunshot wounds.

Police are hoping to search Patrick Xavier Clark’s Ford F-150 to see if there is a weapon or any other evidence (firearms, bullets, cellphones, electronic storage devices, SIM cards) that supports the murder charge against him.

Now, if you recall, I previously reported that during the press conference on December 2, Houston police said they used physical evidence, shooting reconstruction, and ballistics evidence in this case, which led them to charge Clark with the murder of Takeoff.

According to the warrant, surveillance video captured Clark discharging a firearm multiple times in Takeoff’s direction.

Following the shooting, Patrick Clark was captured on surveillance video fleeing to a nearby House of Blues. 

That is where he left the wine bottle with his fingerprints.

Clark briefly returned to the bowling alley and was captured on video carrying a semi-automatic handgun when he went back inside. 

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Source: ABC 7 Chicago

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