Chad Ochocinco Johnson on saving his NFL salary

Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson visited the “Club Shay Shay Podcast” with Shannon Sharpe and revealed he saved 83% of his NFL salary by flying on Spirit Airlines and wearing fake jewelry. 

The former NFL star explained that his name alone was the real flex, so he didn’t see the point in trying to stunt and wasting money by trying to uphold an image of wealth.

Ochocinco to Uncle Shay Shay:

I got to a point in my career…I wish people…athletes more so…if you can get to a point in your career where your name becomes bigger than anything you can purchase there’s your value.

My name itself Ochocinco at one point – even still to this day is bigger than – why am I driving a Ferrari?

Why am I driving a Rolls Royce and I’m Ocho?

He went on to reveal to Shannon Sharpe that he wore fake jewelry too!

Never bought real anything while I was playing.

Never, what was the point? I went to Claire’s.

For what? What am I doing it for?

The women gone deal with you anyway because of who you are.

And then the other women who really doing their homework done Googled how much you making already.

Why am I buying a $50,000 watch?! $80,000 watch?

Time is free so what am I paying for?

I’m Ocho. What’s the point?

There’s nothing I can buy bigger than my name alone.

So, it made no sense. But, everybody’s caught up in image and looking and looking a certain way and being rich.

It’s me. It’s pointless.

Watch a clip of the candid convo between Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson and Shannon Sharpe below.

I’m sure a frugal lifestyle came in handy for the father of eight.

Hopefully, Ochocinco will be okay with his fiancée, Sharelle Rosado, splurging on their wedding.

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