What To Watch On Netflix - February 2023 (1)

Here is our list of 13 great shows, documentaries, and movies to watch this February on Netflix that we think you will enjoy!

Gunther's Millions Key Art - Netflix

Gunther’s Millions | February 1

The 400 million dollar dog. For the last three decades, the dog’s riches have been built into a vast empire across two continents, including luxurious mansions, a glamorous entourage, and even a pop music group. But as any good pup can tell you, it’s always worth digging a little deeper.

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Freeridge Key Art Netflix

On My Block: Freeridge | February 2

From the creators of “On My Block,” “Freeridge” is a coming-of-age comedy following sibling rivals Gloria and Ines and their friends Demi and Cameron who have unleashed a curse bringing dark misfortune into their lives.

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True Spirit Key Art - Netflix

True Spirit | February 3

When Jessica Watson sets out to be the youngest person to sail solo, non-stop and unassisted around the world, she must overcome her greatest fear as she navigates the world’s most challenging stretches of ocean. Based on a true story.

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Bill Russell Legend Key Art - Netflix

Bill Russell: Legend | February 8

On the court, Bill Russell was a force to be reckoned with – a champion who sacrificed himself for his teammates and love of basketball. 

Off the court, Bill Russell was a force in the fight for human rights – marching with the great Martin Luther King Jr., pioneering NBA boycotts, and fighting against racism. 

“Bill Russell: Legend” tells the remarkable life and legacy of an NBA superstar and civil rights icon.

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You Season 4 Key Art - Netflix

YOU Season | February 9

In “YOU” Season 4, Joe’s heart is still yearning for Marianne, but he has found his tribe – a “privileged circle of European douchebags.”

But, fast times slow up when the “Eat The Rich Killer” starts dropping bodies like flies and Joe’s past catches up with him.

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My Dad The Bounty Hunter Key Art - Netflix

My Dad The Bounty Hunter | February 9

The hyperdrive adventures of two kids who discover their seemingly average joe dad is actually an intergalactic bounty hunter! Dodging dangerous aliens and laser fights galore, this family bonding time goes to the extreme.

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Your Place Or Mine Key Art - Netflix

Your Place Or Mine | February 10

Debbie and Peter are best friends and total opposites. She craves routine with her son in LA; he thrives on change in NY. When they swap houses and lives for a week they discover what they think they want might not be what they really need.

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Perfect Match Key Art - Netflix

Perfect Match | February 14

Perfect Match brings together the most famously single stars of Netflix’s unscripted series (Love Is Blind, The Ultimatum, Too Hot To Handle, The Mole, Selling Tampa, The Circle, Twentysomethings: Austin, and Sexy Beasts) to a tropical paradise in an attempt to find love.

As they compete to form relationships, the most compatible couples will play matchmaker, breaking up other couples and sending them on dates with brand-new singles they’ll invite to the villa.

Will they create better matches, or will they create chaos?

In this over-the-top journey of strategy and dating hosted by Nick Lachey, only one couple will be crowned the Perfect Match.

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African Queens Njinga Key Art Netflix

African Queens: Njinga | February 15

From Executive Producer Jada Pinkett Smith comes a new documentary series exploring the lives of prominent and iconic African Queens.

The first season will cover the life of Njinga, the complex, captivating, and fearless 17th-century warrior queen of Ndongo and Matamba, in modern day Angola.

The nation’s first female ruler, Njinga earned a reputation for her blend of political and diplomatic skill with military prowess and became an icon of resistance.

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The Upshaws Season 3 | February 16

Bennie Upshaw (Mike Epps), the head of a Black working-class family in Indianapolis, is a charming, well-intentioned mechanic and lifelong mess just trying his best to step up and care for his family — wife Regina (Kim Fields), their two young daughters (Khali Spraggins, Journey Christine) and firstborn son (Jermelle Simon), the teenage son (Diamond Lyons) he fathered with another woman (Gabrielle Dennis) — and tolerate his sardonic sister-in-law (Wanda Sykes), all without a blueprint for success. But the Upshaws are determined to make it work, and make it to the next level, together. The Upshaws continue to ride life’s ups and downs, including new jobs, bigger dreams, health struggles, and some major life surprises but still hang on with the love that comes with family.

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Murdaugh Murders Netflix (1)

Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal | February 22

The Murdaughs were one of South Carolina’s most prominent families, but the death of teenager Mallory Beach in a drunken boating accident began the unraveling of their legacy. When Paul Murdaugh – the alleged driver of the boat – and his mother Maggie are found brutally murdered, a century of corruption, power, and cover-ups in the Low Country is brought to light. The three-part series will feature first-hand accounts from those on the boat that fateful night, many of whom have not spoken about the crash or double homicide of Maggie and Paul until now, including: Paul Murdaugh’s longtime girlfriend, Morgan Doughty; Mallory Beach’s childhood friends, Miley Altman and Connor Cook; Mallory’s boyfriend, Anthony Cook; and, several others.

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The Strays - Netflix

The Strays | February 22

A perfect life… a perfect lie… An upper-middle-class woman’s perfectly crafted life begins to unravel with the arrival of two shadowy figures in her town.

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Netflix - We Have A Ghost Key Art

We Have A Ghost | February 24

Finding a ghost named Ernest haunting their new home turns Kevin’s family into overnight social media sensations. But when Kevin and Ernest go rogue to investigate the mystery of Ernest’s past, they become a target of the CIA.

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