Ochocinco Shows Off His Holiday Cooking Skills, But His Thobe (Robe) Stole The Show

Former NFL player Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson, recently posted a video to his Instagram showing off his holiday cooking skills, but his thobe (robe) stole the show.

A thobe is an ankle-length robe, usually with long sleeves, commonly worn in the Arabian Peninsula, the Middle East, North Africa, some countries in East and West Africa, and other neighboring Arab countries.

The purpose of a thobe is to ensure men are properly dressed for the Islamic prayer and that they are properly covered and modest in their attire.

Many commenters took issue with Ochocinco showing off the ham that he cooked while adorned in his thobe because Muslims don’t eat pork.

Other commenters liked the look and asked where they could purchase a robe like his.

As to be expected, a lot of people got their jokes off about Ocho having the food catered and fronting like he cooked it.

The pan in the oven with the label still attached to it just added fuel to the fire for the doubters.

During the video, Ocho claims that people think he got his lady, Sharelle Rosado, because of his looks, but he says he got her because of his cooking.


Ocho captioned his post:

Almost finished with Sunday dinner for the kids instead of hitting McDonald’s (yes I’m still wearing my thobe mind ya business) 🥘

See Ocho’s original post below:

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Happy Holidays to Ochocinco and his family.