Monique Robinson From 'Life After Lockup' Says Production Set Up The Fight Between Her Sisters & Derek Warner's Sisters

Monique Robinson recently revealed on “The Hollywood Group Chat” podcast that production set up the fight between her sisters and her love interest at the time (Derek Warner) sisters.

Monique made it known on the podcast that she and Derek officially broke up on May 5, 2023.

Both of them have acquired a lot of fame from the show, as they quickly became the favorite couple of season 4.

Podcast host Meghan James asked Monique if Derek’s sisters set her up to fight, as she claimed on the show.

Monique responded:

Well, it was a conversation that Derek… It was me, Aubryanna, and Elizabeth, we were talking on the phone prior to…

Um, so it was a conversation we had because we were arguing, like, on camera, but off camera it would be something totally different.

So they would be like, ‘Oh, you know, production set that up for us to act like that or whatever.’

So, we were beefing online, like, the sisters and my sisters, so we had a conversation on the phone, it was like, ‘Um, we can argue whatever, we not going to get physical, you know, hopefully, your sisters don’t have that same energy.’

So, I was just like, ‘Well they just gonna go off of your energy.’

So we was like, ‘Okay, we’re not gonna get physical, like, we could argue, we could talk sh*t, whatever.’

So they was like, ‘Okay, that’s fine.’

So I didn’t know how serious it was until we actually got to Cleveland and Derek was like my sisters are trying to fight just be careful.

Like he was warning, like, me and my sisters, like, that’s what they on.

So production was trying to set it up to where we meet up together because it was Derek’s birthday so it was supposed to be like a birthday party we were going to have for him.

So they were like… They was telling me, like, we still trying to find an Airbnb to have this party, the whole time they were planning to have it at Derek’s sister’s house.

And it’s like why would we go over to her house and they don’t like us?

Like, that’s a whole setup, like, that’s just dumb.

So that’s why we met at the park because it was like a mutual ground, you know, whatever.

But not knowing production set it up to be like y’all can get it in in the park.

Watch the video clips from “Live After Lockup” of what happened between Monique’s sisters and Derek’s sisters at the park below:

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