Kiyomi Leslie Tells Meghan James Why She @‘d Bow Wow A Viral Video Of Her & Soulja Boy

Kiyomi Leslie and Meghan James shared an awkward moment on “The Hollywood Group Chat Podcast” concerning Bow Wow and Soulja Boy.

Meghan James is the host of the podcast and she asked Kiyomi a question she said she wanted to ask her since 2015.

I have been wanting to ask you this question… 

Probably been about, since like 2015 or 16.

Okay, so I know you dated Bow Wow, right?…

And I had remembered because I be remembering everything.

Um, I had did an um…

Okay, we gon give it 2016… 16, 17.

Um, I had remembered um, that I had a feature… I did a feature song with Soulja Boy…

Like, some, like, viral video came out of, like, me and Soulja Boy, like, kicking it, and he was just, like, you…

It was just like some flirty sh*t that dropped on TSR, and I saw you @ Bow in that post.

Like, why did you do that?

Kiyomi responded that she can’t remember it because she can’t really go back to five years ago.

Meghan asked if Bow Wow ever said anything about her because the @ was ‘giving, like, she dating your homeboy.”

Kiyomi asked Meghan if she and Bow dated, and she said they were just cool and they had a cute little friend-flirty relationship.

Meghan continued to press the issue, but Kiyomi reassured her that she couldn’t remember and didn’t mean any harm.

I wish I could remember, but no… 

So, hopefully, you didn’t have any animosity thinking, like, ‘Oh, she trying to be funny…’

Watch the clip from the Kiyomi Leslie interview on “The Hollywood Group Chat Podcast” below:

The silliest things live rent-free in folk’s heads for YEARS!

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