Derrick Warner From ‘Love After Lock Up’ Shoots His Shot At Karlie Redd

Derrick Warner from WE tv’s “Love After Lock Up” recently shot his shot at Karlie Redd on “The Hollywood Group Chat” podcast.

On “Love After Lockup,” Derrick Warner was previously engaged to Monique Robinson, whom he met on Facebook while serving his 9-year prison sentence.

When they met, Derrick had approximately two and a half years remaining on his sentence.

After his release, the WE tv cameras started documenting their relationship outside of prison, and the couple quickly became a fan favorite.

Watch some clips from Derrick and Monique’s season of “Love After Lock Up” below:

Reportedly, Derrick and Monique broke off their engagement and called it quits in May over some alleged activities during Cinco de Mayo.

While on “The Hollywood Group Chat” podcast, host Meghan James asked Derrick about his dating life after the breakup, and she prompted him to shoot his shot at his dream girl because her podcast often goes going viral.

Derrick responded:

I like maturity… So I like a mature seasoned female… been through some things, you know, who can teach me some things, you know, we could match each other energy like that. You feel me?…

And like I said, my preference… I’m going back to my preference… They ain’t never did me wrong, light-skinned, long hair, Karlie Redd, that type.

Yeah, I like that like that. It might be fun too.

Watch the clip of Derrick Warren’s interview from “The Hollywood Group Chat” podcast below:

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