Meghan James Accuses Dennis McKinley Of Leaking That They Once Dated

Meghan James put Dennis McKinley on the spot on her “Hollywood Group Chat” podcast by asking him if he’s responsible for leaking that they once dated.

During the podcast, Meghan told Dennis that she had a True or False question for him, and she asked:

Okay, so maybe, like, a couple of years ago, it was leaked on Tasha K that you and I were dating, right?…

Yeah, it was!… And you actually called me and told me that it was leaked on Tasha K.

So I want to know is it true or is it false that you leaked that information to Tasha K?

Because I don’t, uh… Like, who leaked it?

Dennis McKinley was caught off guard by the question because his memory became faint, and he fumbled over a few words in his response:

First of all, I don’t f**k with Tasha K!

Um, listen it’s just the truth… man listen, some things are lies and some things ain’t lies. 

When I went on Tasha K I didn’t, you know, I don’t know what we were doing right there, but that was kind of…

I was trying to… I was trying to do something something that we didn’t work it out, but that was like information that you can’t be mad at, right?…

I’m saying me, like, me!… I can’t be mad at that because you know…

I don’t know we was out, you know, we went to Cru a few times…

I mean I don’t know, but I don’t know how that got… I wouldn’t leak anything to Tasha K, I’ll tell you that.

Um, because some of the things she put out in the past just was extremely false and it was crazy.

But um, I didn’t… I don’t, why would I leak it?… I don’t want to do that. I don’t want to leak it. Because some things are better left private.

In the end, Meghan accepted Dennis’ jumbled explanation, and she said she just wanted to know who leaked it.

Watch the clip from the Dennis McKinley interview on “The Hollywood Group Chat” podcast with Meghan James below:

Dennis McKinley is a successful entrepreneur and businessman, who was once engaged to Porsha Williams-Guobadia and they share a beautiful little girl, Pilar Jhena.

Dennis also appeared on season 11 of “RHOA.

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