Mo'Nique, Shalon Jackson via Instagram

Mo’Nique is facing backlash after releasing text messages with her estranged son, Shalon Jackson.

Shalon Jackson Speaks Out

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Shalon Jackson via TikTok

The text messages come a day after Shalon took to TikTok to speak out about his strained relationship with his mother.

We are separate – as she put it – because she doesn’t care to be my mother any more than I care to be her son. 

Neither one of us has had the desire to reach out to the other in a very long time and I don’t think either one of us anticipates that feeling ever returning. 

He added, “To this very day, my mother has never expressed to me when if ever she became interested in me as her son.”

Mo’Nique & Sidney Hicks Respond To Shalon Jackson

Mo’Nique and husband, Sidney Hicks via Instagram

Mo’Nique and her husband, Sidney Hicks, went live on Instagram on Tuesday to offer their rebuttal and it was awful. 

The comedian and Oscar-winning actress only seemed to confirm her son’s gripes when she and her “Daddy” ran down all of the things they’ve done for Shalon and even alluded to him being mentally ill. 

But, the most disappointing moment was when Mo’Nique attempted to explain away why Sidney Hicks stated he only has three sons instead of four. 

Mo’Nique said Shalon has known her “Daddy” as “Uncle Sid” his entire life and that’s why he doesn’t consider him as one of his sons.

Mo’Nique Posts Text Messages From Shalon

On Valentine’s Day, instead of expressing her love for Shalon Jackson, Mo’Nique opted to post text messages between the two of them.

The texts date as far back as Feb 2020 through October 2021 and only show surface-level pleasantries in their exchanges.

There are also several text messages from Mo’Nique promising to call Shalon back at a later time.

Then, “Uncle Daddy” Sidney Hicks enters the chat lecturing him about changing his immature ways.

Mo’Nique shared the texts along with the caption: 






See her original post below. 

Social Media Reactions

I don’t think Mo’Nique’s receipts gave what she thought they were giving because folks were chewing her up in the comment section of her post. 

One commenter wrote, “Monique these texts are 3 years old most of which you’re missing his calls and never calling him back. Why is that?

Another person commented, “This is weird and disturbing. Why does your son refer to your husband as Uncle Sid? Why did you post this. Go talk to your son in person. And do it without your husband.

One commenter laid it all on the table writing: 

As a mother of a young adult son- whom I often disagree with, I think it’s the ultimate violation to post intimate discussions between you and he.

A group of people you do not know- do NOT need to know your son’s credit issues, the plans for their midwifery or what they ate for dinner.

You do not have to do this and you do not owe anyone any more details than has already been given.

Your son expressed that you have violated his boundaries as your child and he also expressed that you care more about fame than motherhood.

Your posture and your response has dictated that he was correct in his assessment.

I’ve met and interviewed with you.

You are a true talent and I love you but I’m begging you black woman to black woman to please stop this.

Healing family trauma is an inside job.

It’s not performative, and it’s some of the most humbling work as a parent I’ve ever had to do, and yes the burden falls on the parent.

We have greater responsibility to heal, protect and nurture ourselves and our children not only in infancy and childhood but throughout adulthood as well.

We go from overseers to counselors to advisors. I wholeheartedly believe you want deeper connection, but you do not establish connection by violating confidence.

The same tools that have been used against you in the industry, you are wielding in your family. You’re misusing your power here Monique.

Your son is not your enemy.

He’s your child grieving a lost relationship with his mother.

This is not the proper posture.

Please remove this.

Please go into your quiet room and pray for your family.

The spiritual warfare is real.

Mo’Nique did have supporters as well. 

Former “Pose” star Angelica Ross chimed in to add:

I wish our people went to therapy more.

Her son aiming all this at her and could be talking to a therapist.

He is a grown adult.

I know too many grown men still blaming their moms for why they are not happy today.

I pray this man one day wakes up to the debt of gratitude he could have towards his mother, the good and bad and count it all joy.

Problems arise and challenge us to respond to the issue AND do the WORK needed on OURSELVES so that we are not defeated by problems but come out even better on the other side.

Instead folks will spend so much time focused externally.

Everyone is to blame but themselves.

Everything is a reflection.

So however you see this situation might be how you see yourself and the world. #NMRK

Angela Stanton, who has been accused of turning trans daughter of having a mental illness, offered Mo’Nique the following advice: 

Never do this Mo.

As mothers we don’t have to prove to a bunch of strangers that never bought a can of milk, one single pamper or spent one dime on our children.

Real mothers know you love them.

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