Mo'Nique and husband, Sidney Hicks via Instagram

Mo’Nique and her “Daddy” Sidney Hicks took to the streets of Instagram to address the statements made by her estranged son, Shalon Jackson

Shalon released a 9-minute video via TikTok where he spoke out and shared his side of the story regarding his broken relationship with his mother.

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Mo’Nique & Sidney Hicks Respond To Her Son Shalon Jackson

In response to Shalon, Mo’Nique and Sidney pulled their Carfax Report of all the times they have helped him.

Sidney took it a step further and mentioned that Shalon Jackson has a “mental illness.” 

But, the most disappointing moment was when Mo’Nique attempted to explain away why Sidney Hicks stated he only has three sons instead of four. 

Mo’Nique said Shalon has known her “Daddy” as “Uncle Sid” his entire life and that’s why he doesn’t consider him as one of his sons.

So, Shalon’s “uncle” married his mama and she calls him “Daddy?!”

Make it make sense!

Sidney Hicks doubled down and admitted Shalon wanted to call him dad, but he didn’t allow it because Shalon has a father, who is also his friend. 

Yes, he actually said that out of his mouth with Mo’Nique co-signing his every word. 

Mo’Nique Addresses Stephen A. Smith

The couple moved on to address Stephen A. Smith, who recently called Mo’Nique “bitter” while reacting to her “Club Shay Shay” interview.

If you missed it – check out the video below.

Sidney (who always does the most talking) and Mo’Nique called out Stephen A. for his hypocrisy. 

Stephen criticized Mo’Nique for calling out those who have wronged her, but Stephen called Jason Whitlock a “fat piece of s—” and a “fat bast—” with his entire chest. 

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Death Threats?!

In an interesting revelation, Sidney Hicks and Mo’Nique claimed they have received a death threat that is contingent on them issuing a public apology.

They did not go into detail, but said they have taken appropriate measures to ensure their safety.

Watch the Instagram Live video below. 

I think it’s safe to say I am officially sick of Mo’Nique and her “Daddy.” 

With all due respect, their response to Shalon (whether he’s right or wrong) really spoke volumes for me.

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