KaMillion, Jhonni Blaze via Instagram

KaMillion, rapper, and star of the now-canceled Max series, “Rap Sh!t,” says Jhonni Blaze has been harassing and threatening her online and by phone for months. 

KaMillion Accuses Jhonni Blaze Of Threats & Harassment

KaMillion made her plight public on Wednesday when she took to her Instagram account and posted several screenshots of offensive messages threatening to harm her.

Some messages threatened to have someone cut her throat and her face open. 

The most disturbing evidence was the photo sent to her of someone holding a gun. 

KaMillion has reached her breaking point with this foolishness and is now speaking out in the event someone tries to harm her.

She wrote:

Mental illness is real. For 2 months this young lady has been harassing my phone making threats & posting my personal number online.

Whats even crazier is that this person is hungry for clout. It’s sad what people do in attempts to sell music & chase likes.

I wish there was actually a legitimate explanation but simply because a guy I wouldn’t touch with a long-handled spoon keeps reposting my content on his page & she’s upset because she’s in love with.

Rewind, Me being generous, I invited a few fans from ig that has been supporting me to our watch parties in LA for rapshit.

Apparently, the guy used that to make it seem like it was more & they both are in cahoots seeking clout and followers to sell their music.

I hate that I’m even using my platform to post this but maybe if yall can go download their music it will stop.

This lady pretends to be innocent online but everyday sending threats.

She did it to Drake and a few others. Just receipts so if it ever came to anything yall know why. They are both blocked from all of my social media but still be on fake pages.

At this level of my career ion have no time to crash out especially when I have so much to lose.

It’s clear she doesn’t. I’m actually proud of myself for not reacting.

Since they wants exposure, here Jhonnie Blaze x uglynov

See the original post below. 

First things first – CALL THE POLICE! 

This is absolutely insane and should be taken very seriously.

Jhonni Blaze Responds 

Jhonni Blaze took to Instagram and released a statement, seemingly in response to KaMillion’s post.

She took no accountability for the threats and harassment and even alluded to being framed.

Anyone can make messages up and hate on you and hide the hands when they do things.

I’ma let them do just that and keep killing this MUSIX scene! I don’t need clout when that’s my name!

See Jhonni Blaze’s original post below. 

Based on Jhonni Blaze’s Carfax Report – I believe KaMillion.

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