Moesha” star Marcus Paulk shared loving words about his late co-stars Lamont Bentley and Yvette Wilson.

While chatting with Comedy Hype, Marcus recalled being with Lamont a week before he was killed in a tragic single-car accident in 2005.

Marcus Paulk said he ran into Lamont at a barber shop and they were so happy to see one another that they decided to spend the entire day together. 

I hop in with him and we ride all the way through L.A. and we go to his house in the valley.

We chopping it up – everything’s good.  

Marcus went on to share how he and Lamont would sometimes get into trouble and get kicked off of filming lots.

He was such a great person and such a good actor so no matter what happened with him they had to keep him.

And everybody loved Lamont so everybody fought for him. 

Marcus discussed his special connection to Lamont Bentley.

That was like my brother yo.

He was like an adult, but he also had that kid side of him.

So, I never had an older brother, and being on a set all day you know most of the people don’t want to play.

But, Lamont would always have fun with me on set.

Like we would have a ball. That was really my big brother.

I learned a lot of good habits and bad habits from him.

But, he definitely kept me solid.

Marcus Paulk said that it was actor Wesley Jonathan who called him to inform him about Lamont’s accident.

It was just an unbelievable phone call. Broke a lot of our hearts because Lamont was such a high-energy person. 

Marcus also remembered actress and comedian Yvette Wilson, who passed away in 2012 at the age of 48 after battling stage 4 cervical cancer and kidney disease. 

Yvette Wilson was a great person. She was just a really nice lady.

When you talk about a wild card on the set that was necessary…Yvette.

Like her character on ‘Moesha,’ I feel like she was that but more.

Like the character Andell was like an African eccentric lady.

She was more like just the real thing…just a real chick. 

Watch Marcus Paulk’s interview clip below.

You know? Prior to watching Marcus’ interview it never really dawned on me how much loss the show “Moesha” suffered – Lamont Bentley (2005), Yvette Wilson (2012), Merlin Santana (2002), Bernie Mac (2008), and NBA star Kobe Bryant (2020), who guest starred on the series. 

May they all rest in peace.

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