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De’Aundre Bonds On The Death Of His Best Friend Lamont Bentley

De'Aundre Bonds best friend Lamont Bentley
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Snowfall” star De’Aundre Bonds was recently featured on the popular YouTube series, “The Art of Dialogue” and he opened up about the tragic death of his best friend Lamont Bentley.

Lamont, born on October 25, 1973, was an American actor and rapper hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

He is best known for his role as “Hakeem Campbell” in the hit original series, “Moesha,” as well as the spinoff series, “The Parkers.”

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He also appeared in several movies including The Wash, and Tales from the Hood alongside De’Aundre Bonds.

Lamont Bentley was killed in a car accident in Ventura County, California on January 19, 2005.

He was 31.

De’Aundre remembered his best friend saying, “I love my brother, man. I love my brother. My best friend. Like one of the realest men I ever met in my life.”

“True. Honest. Down-to-earth. Loyal. Just amazing, bro. If you were his friend…you were his friend,” he added

De’Aundre Bonds also recalled receiving the news of Lamont’s tragic death while behind bars.

When I heard he passed, it was in 05 and I was imprisoned and I called his house and somebody answered the phone crying. 

I thought it was him because he’s a jokester. He would play jokes and you’d be like, ‘Man, stop playing! Man, you always playing.’

It was somebody crying like, ‘Lamont is dead!’

I was like, ‘What?!’

Man, I went crazy! Bro, I couldn’t believe that.

Man, I found out over the phone and I thank God that I’ve learned that way instead of being in the cell because the news came on that night he was on the news. 

De’Aundre Bonds went on to share how the news of Lamont’s passing caused him to lash out.

I was trying to fight my cellie. I’m trying to antagonize him so I could just hurt something.

You know what I mean? 

Because the pain that I was feeling at that time…it wasn’t right. 

But, you know I thank God I was locked up and my cellie was a real one because he didn’t bite.

You know I eventually healed a little from it. 

He’s always in my heart. I got him tatted on me so…my right-hand man.

Mr. Lamont L Rock Bentley.

Watch the clip below.

De’Aundre also talked about regretting a scene in the film, Lockdown, and shared that he cried after having to simulate a sex act on another man.

De’Aundre Bonds currently stars in the hit FX Networks’ series, “Snowfall,” and is doing an excellent job in the role of “Terrence ‘Skully‘ Brown,” leader of the Blood gang.

De'Aundre Bonds as Skully on Snowfall
FX Networks

New episodes air every Wednesday night at 10 pm on FX and they stream the next day on Hulu.

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