Je’Niece McCullough is eager to cast Aldis Hodge and Mark Phillips to play her late father in an upcoming biopic.

Aldis Hodge is an accomplished actor in Hollywood, he played MC Ren in Straight Outta Compton, Jim Brown in One Night In Miami, and he’s also had roles in The Invisible Man, Hidden Figures, and Leverage among others.

Watch the video below of Aldis Hodge promoting the Showtime show “City On A Hill” which he also stars in:

Je’Niece believes Aldis is the perfect actor to play her father because he is amazing at his craft and he has a similar complexion to her father.

As for the younger Bernie Mac, Je’Niece believes YouTube star Mark Phillips would be a great candidate because he is funny and her daughter has often told her how much he reminds her of Bernie.

Despite Mark not having much acting experience outside of his YouTube videos, Je’Niece and her daughter believes he can capture the essence of Bernie Mac.

Watch one of Mark Phillips’ YouTube videos below:

The biopic will be a partnership between John Legend’s production company, Get Lifted, and Bernie Mac’s estate, which is headed by Je’Niece’s mother.

Time will tell if Je’Niece McCullough gets her wish because she still has to convince her mother and John Legend to buy in on her two top picks.

Source: TMZ

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