Lil Wayne’s Artist Mellow Rackz Speaks On Her Engagement With Kodak Black & Her Traumas From Being Shot At 16

Mellow Rackz, Lil Wayne’s new female artist, recently appeared on “Way Up With Angela Yee” and discussed being engaged to Kodak Black and the trauma she has from being shot at 16.

During a game segment on the show called “Your First,” Mellow Rackz was asked about her first time being engaged, and after immediately bursting into laughter, she responded:

Um… When I was 19… Um, you know, how do you even say a story like that?…

Um, Yak he got pardoned, he got out, thank God!

And we was just kicking it and got engaged.

…I was in a fairy, lala land. I really, I was like, ‘I’m a wife. Stop playing with me, like!… Y’all don’t got a ring on y’all finger.’

I learned real quick though, like, yeah!…

Mellow said she still has the engagement ring, and Angela Yee and her co-host Jasmine Brand encouraged Mellow to get the ring appraised.

Later in the interview, Mellow revealed that she was shot when she was 16, and she talked about the trauma she experienced from being shot via a story about an ex-boyfriend shooting her car up.

Um, I guess he already knows that I’ve…He already knows that when I was 16 I got shot. So I guess when people know your fears, like, they know how to hurt you and, like, what would hurt you.

…I don’t know, maybe let me shoot her car up and shake her up. I don’t know what the intent was, but yeah, unfortunately.

But me, I just, what I did, I just prayed about it, and I kept being great, you know?…

After that, like, doors opened up for me. Like, never take revenge. Like, you stay silent, God takes the revenge for me.

…It’s so crazy, just to get over being shot I’ve done so much cosmetic surgeries to remove the scar.

When I realized the trauma is not the scar it’s in my head mentally.

Because it’s like all these men, the rappers, the first thing they do, they walk out, they walk in the room, they got the gun on their waist, or they guns in the studio.

And, like, the rap, sometimes I”m listening to music, and you’re rapping about killing and shooting people, you know what I’m saying?…

And, mentally it will affect you in a way, like, everything… I would say life will never be the same.

No, like sometimes, like, I’ll be home and I have to go somewhere and my body be like, ‘Don’t move!’

People be like, ‘Oh, why you didn’t show up?’… Anxiety, so much anxiety.

Sometimes I won’t move for the day. Or I’ll be outside so much, I’ll be like, ‘Alright I need to take a moment, a breather to calm down, because sometimes being outside is so overwhelming.

Because when you go outside, it’s just so much guns outside. It’s a lot of guns everywhere.

…My mom she has anxiety now. She has to take medication, especially now.

You know, my mom is like traditional Haitian parent, like, so, just me coming here right now, like, before I leave, like, we’re praying, you know what I”m saying?…

Like, she takes me to church, and, you know, like, we heavy on the prayers…

Watch the clip of the Mellow Rackz interview from “Way Up With Angela Yee” below:

Watch Mellow Rackz’s 24hrs. in NYC promo for FashionNova below:

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We look forward to hearing more from Mellow Rackz, and we wish her all the best with her career.

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