Jess Hilarious Says She Will Reach Out To Chrisean Rock

Jess Hilarious recently appeared on “The Jay Hill Podcast” and became emotional as she talked about Chrisean Rock and her relationship with rapper Blueface.

The podcast host Jay Hill, Jess Hilarious, and Chrisean Rock are all from Baltimore.

When Jay initially asked Jess about reaching out to Chrisean, she said she doesn’t believe Chrisean is in a space where she wants to receive advice about her personal life.

Jess got very emotional during the interview talking about Chrisean.

She said:

Everyday, this girl is in the blogs every day for something negative, and people judging her, and sh*t like that.

Yo, look that girl don’t even f***ing read comments.

That’s one thing I love about her. I’ve just got to the point where I can ignore comments when I go through them.

That girl, you will never see her comment on sh*t… Never! She’s Beyoncé to this sh*t because she know what she gonna do at the end of the day.

She know… she’s not… ‘B***h I’m gonna do what the f**k I want to do. I had a hard life coming up, and I got all these talents and gifts but I’m living my life right now.

I lost a tooth for this *****, but I got this ***** tatted’…

Yo!… Look, she ain’t have nobody love her like that so she think that’s love. 

That’s not f***ing love Creshan that’s not love, like…

That sh*t gets me very emotional. 

Everyday, like… You got Natalie Nunn and sh*t, like, out here exploiting shorty.

She running up on mother****ers and fighting everyday and Zeus clown a** mother****ers is making all this money off this b***h.

Like, I’m nodding on the… Man listen, listen get me a deal with UFC then, if I like to fight get me a deal here.

Y’all got me on this clown a** network doing this sh*t. Playing myself for this *****, who literally say I’m not his only b***h!

Like, I done beat this ***** mother up, I done beat this ***** sister up, and I’m still not your only one?

You got me f***ed up! Everyday Jay, yeah, but when you in it, you in that sh*t.

You in it… She’ll get it later yo, I’m telling you yo… So look, what imma do, imma be honest with you, look, I will reach out to her, and I will tell you if I get a response, and what response it will be because she ain’t gonna break until she ready.

She ain’t ready right now it’s still fun to her. It’s still fun to her, that going to jail, and y’all motherf***ers  got cameras my f***ing face, and really they… yo, these motherf***ers really act like they care about her…

Even this *****, even Blue…

That girl will make him so much money. That’s why he love her, but she will never be the only one.

She’ll never be the only one. He don’t want to f***ing be with her. She’s profitable, she’s his f***ing profit, and that’s what she thinks love is right now.

So she’ll see. But, I’m gonna reach out… I want to reach out every f***ind day I just know… she ain’t gonna hear me, she ain’t gonna see me.

Watch the video clip from “The Jay Hill Podcast” below:

Chrisean Rock and Blueface are still going strong.

She recently got another tattoo of his face on her neck and the Zeus Network is cashing in on their toxicity by announcing their new show, “Crazy In Love.”

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