Jess Hilarious says Master P owes her $15K

Jess Hilarious revealed on “The Breakfast Club” that Master P still owes her $15k for her performance in the movie, I Got the Hook-Up 2.

Jess was guest hosting on the show, and during the “Rumor Report,” she covered a story about Master P’s artist, Fat Trel, leaving the label because Master P never made good on a movie role that he promised him.

Jess said she can relate to Fat Trel because Master P still owes her money.

Basically, it all boils down to this, Fat Trel said that he was promised by Master P that he would be put in a Menace II Society sequel that never came to fruition.

Now, Master P said he never mentioned making a Menace II Society sequel he wanted to make a movie like Menace II Society.

And he wanted Gucci Mane to be in it, but Gucci was getting locked up all the time.

So he just was like he put the idea to rest, but Fat Trel was like, ‘Yo, you still promised me to be in this movie or whatever,’ and so he was like I don’t want to be with you no more.

Now, I see both sides, um… Fat Trel, I get it, he like, ‘Look yo!…’ 

That was like a bit of a temper tantrum to me a lil bit but, I do believe him. I do believe that Master P…  because that man will talk a good game to you, like, even with me, I Got the Hook-Up, I’m still owed some bread for that.

Yeah, I ain’t gon lie!…

I did two scenes, he thought cause he used one scene he ain’t got to pay for the second one.

No, I stayed there for thirteen hours to do two scenes.

I do my scenes when it comes to a skit movie like that.

You know I Got the Hook-Up was a long skit. It was a bunch of skits combined.

I like to charge $15k per skit…

I can still talk about this, I don’t care. As soon as you give me the check we’ll be good, man.

I tried… I hit Romeo, I hit everybody, you know, but they got they own problems. So, it’s a lot going on, you know.

So imma wait till it die down a bit, but, Fat Trel, I get where he coming from.

Watch the official clip of guest host Jess Hilarious doing the “Rumor Report” on The Breakfast Club’s Instagram page below:

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