Kelvin Hunter took to the streets of Mark Zuckerberg’s Instagram and threatened to share some “real scary truths” about Charlamagne.

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It appears Kelvin was triggered by Charlamagne’s commentary on Kwame Brown and his family’s unsavory history.

In case you missed it – watch the clip below.

Kelvin, who is always willing to stir the pot when it comes to Charlamagne, posted the following message on his IG story:

I see we back to CHARLAMAGNE story telling time! (salute to KWAME BROWN)…after all the TALK I think it’s time to SHARE some REAL SCARY TRUTHS about an individual y’all really STILL no NOTHING about.. and DEFINITELY time to clear up the LIES…TRUTH IS POWERFUL…and there is only one true GOD…I REGRET the day I ever brought you around ANY OF MY PEOPLE..”STORY TIME”!…the truth will BLOW YOUR MIND!

See the original post below.

Kelvin Hunter - Charlamagne

How is Kelvin “Liptons” Hunter going to spill anyone else’s tea?

Your thoughts?