Masika Kalysha files lawsuit against Hazel-E, Zeus Network
Zeus Network

Masika Kalysha has filed a $6 million lawsuit against Hazel-E and the Zeus Network claiming she was attacked and groped while filming “The Conversation.”

What Is ‘The Conversation?’

The Conversation” is an explosive series that brings two people together who are at odds or have a long-standing public beef.

The individuals hash out their differences without the intervention of mediators. 

In most cases, the confrontations become violent. 

Past guests include Ray J and Princess Love, A1 and Lyrica Anderson, Tommie Lee and Akbar V, Bobby Lytes and Rolling Ray, and Natalie Nunn and Redd.

Masika Kalysha Vs. Hazel-E

In August 2020, Masika Kalysha and Hazel-E filmed an episode of “The Conversation.” 

Everyone knows their disdain for each other runs deep and began back in their “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” days. 

The official description for their episode of “The Conversation” reads: 

Reality stars Hazel-E and Masika have had a long-standing feud, going back years.

Claims from both sides including issues such as sex trafficking, plastic surgery, and child endangerment, have been tossed back and forth.

Armed with different agendas and opinions, the ladies finally decide to sit face-to-face and attempt to settle their differences. But can they?

Obviously, they didn’t settle their differences and now things have escalated to a $6 million lawsuit being filed. 

Watch a portion of the convo below.

Masika Kalysha’s Lawsuit

Masika filed legal documents claiming Hazel-E and her cosmetologist came into her dressing room and attacked her after they finished filming the episode.

As a result of the attack, she suffered a broken finger, bruises, and scratches.

The incident was caught on camera, but Masika Kalysha’s attorney reached out to the Zeus Network and demanded that the footage of the attack not be aired.

It was released anyway.

See some of the footage below.

But, that’s not all, Masika Kalysha claims one of the security guards who broke up the fight groped her groin and her butt. 

In the process, he said, “She’s thick as f**k.”

Masika is suing for sexual battery and fraud.

She is seeking $6 million in damages. 

Source: TMZ

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