Masika Kalysha caused quite the buzz on social media on Tuesday (August 25) when she pretended to be kidnapped and abused in a video to promote her new Only Fans page.

In the video, Masika is wearing undergarments, she appears to be crying and she’s covered in bruises.

The caption read:

I’ve been kidnapped. I’m in a warehouse somewhere. idk where! I’m so scared! They took all my money and they want more! Please! Help me! Click he link in my bio & Subscribe to my only fans and tip me so they’ll let me go!!! They’re coming!!!

At first glance, the video is very unsettling, until you read the caption and see that it’s simply to promote her Only Fans.

Buuuuut, after receiving some backlash for her promotional tactics, Masika Kalysha returned to social media to explain the video was to bring awareness to sex trafficking.

See both videos below:

Social media had a lot to say about the video.

Peep the tweets below:

What are your thoughts on Masika’s video and explanation?

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