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Twitter Crowns Tory Lanez’s ‘Sorry 4 What’ Album Of The Year (AOTY)

Tory Lanez guilty verdict in Megan Thee Stallion Shooting

According to Twitter, Tory Lanez… Yes, I said Tory Lanez has the Album of The Year.

Given all the controversy surrounding Tory Lanez, the music must be pretty good because he has the Twitterverse buzzing.

Despite the negative headlines that Tory has been attached to, there is no denying his talent.

His album, Sorry 4 What is currently #1 on Apple Music.

Tory sent out a series of tweets expressing his gratitude and showing support for other artist that dropped on Friday (September 30).

He recently revealed on the breakfast club how he became self-sufficient musically, and he dropped some gems about the independent artist grind.

Watch a clip from “The Breakfast Club” Tory Lanez interview below:

Scoop some tweets about Tory’s album below:

I guess it’s time to check out Sorry 4 What to see if it lives up to the hype.

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