Kwame Appiah - Love Is Blind Season 4
Courtesy of Netflix

Love Is Blind” Season 4 premiered on Netflix on March 24 and Kwame Appiah is already trending in the streets of Twitter.

Kwame is a 33-year-old Sales Development Manager, who said he is single because “I haven’t found a person who matches my energy yet.”

Unfortunately, Kwame Appiah’s energy is what has his block hot in these social media streets. 

From his haircut to his affinity for non-Black women, Twitter held no punches as folks took to their timelines to share their unfiltered opinions of Kwame. 

Read the tweets below.

Kwame Appiah is feeling the flames of social media since the first five episodes of “Love Is Blind” Season 4 aired. 

But, he took to his Instagram page to address the racists who used the hate train as an opportunity to call him racial slurs – which is totally UNACCEPTABLE!

He wrote:

Waking up to some really nasty messages, so I’ll share 1 with you all. You’re all entitled to your opinion, and reflection on the show.

But, waking up to multiple messages like this, is NOT okay. Things like this are inhumane, and we’ve gotta do better.

You are getting to watch a sliver of my life and judge me. Based off the purely disgusting and hateful words I’m seeing, it could be an issue with me, but it’s also definitely an issue with you.

Logging off for a bit. Enjoy your weekends.

See Kwame’s original post as well as his video below.

Have you watched “Love Is Blind” Season 4? 

Personally, I’m fully invested in Brett Brown and Tiffany Pennywell’s love story and I rooting for them to find their happily ever after! 

Brett Brown - Tiffany Pennywell - Love Is Blind Season 4
Courtesy of Netflix

Kwame Appiah makes me curse at my TV screen, but I wish him whatever he deserves.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or join the convo on our socials. (Facebook, Instagram)

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