‘Love & Hip Hop Miami’: Gaelle, Flo’s Sister, Turns Up At Her Single Release Party

In season 5, episode 4 of “Love & Hip Hop Miami,” Florence El Luche, aka Flo, was excited to showcase her new song “Bounce Dat” featuring Trina at her single release party, but her sister Gaelle came with a different agenda.

Watch the “Bounce Dat” video below featuring Trina:

Gaelle came to the release party to confront her sister about going to a mambo, a priestess in the Haitian voodoo religion.

Gaelle feels like she’s had a string of bad luck since her sister has been going to the mambo, and she wants Flo to reverse whatever the mambo did.

When she approached Flo at the party to talk to her, she ran into some interference from Flo’s family friend turned girlfriend, Claudia.

Claudia revealed to Gaelle for the first time that she is Flo’s girlfriend, but Gaelle said she didn’t give a f*** and proceeded to tell Flo, inside a club full of people, that she needed to reverse that mambo sh*t.

Claudia told Gaelle that she was making a scene, and Gaelle threw her drink at her.

Gaelle was removed from the venue and the release party went on.

Watch the clip from “Love & Hip Hop Miami” below:

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