Trina is Not pregnant BET Awards 2023

Once again, Trina is shutting down pregnancy rumors.

When the Miami-based rapper, whose real name is Katrina Taylor, hit the stage with Trick Daddy at the 2023 BET Awards looking thicker than cold grits, fans immediately began to speculate if she was expecting. 

Trina’s rep shut down the pregnancy rumors telling TMZ:

She is not pregnant despite fans’ speculation following her performance at the BET Awards.

Just like any other woman, her weight fluctuates.

She is asking for fans to just move on from this.

Trina, who also stars on “Love & Hip Hop: Miami,” is no stranger to pregnancy rumors and speculation. 

You may recall that in 2015, Luenell boldly congratulated the rapper on her pregnancy and later issued a public apology.

The comedian took to social media writing: 

Let me take this opportunity 2 Bow Down and DEEPLY apologize for falsely congratulating u on my erroneous post about ur NON-Pregnancy.

While I was complimenting you on how Smoking Hot you looked, I have obviously mis-heard and or mis-understood and jumped the gun.

Despite the pregnancy rumors, Trina took to her Instagram feed to remind folks that she’s still fine.

While some folks were minding her uterus, others were sending body-positive energy to “The Baddest B**ch” for embracing her natural body in a surgery-driven industry.

One fan wrote, “Naturally thick and beautiful and she look good everybody ain’t meant to get surgery it’s okay to be natural.”

Another fan commented, “I love she kept her natural body 😍 💕”

Even with Trina shutting down the pregnancy rumors…some of y’all are just going to believe what you want to believe.

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