Yung Joc took to the airwaves of Atlanta radio on Monday morning (May 9) to address his recent arrest for child abandonment. 

The rapper/reality TV star/radio jock was arrested by Atlanta police on Thursday (May 5) on a misdemeanor charge of abandonment of a dependent child.

He was later released on a $1,300 bond. 

During his morning show on Streets 94.5, Yung Joc explained he was arrested because he and his child’s mother couldn’t establish an agreement on how much to pay in child support. 

I had been paying so much money – up ahead to stay ahead.

Just to stay ahead because I don’t want no smoke. So, I paid a lot of money up. 

Once I realized…I felt like, ‘You know what? I don’t have to pay you this much money.’

It came to a point…I’m about to get married. I gotta take my time and put finances toward my wedding. 

But, I had spent so much money on child support for this particular child. 

That person got mad. The mother got mad and felt like, ‘No, you supposed to keep paying me this.’

Yung Joc made it very clear that no set amount of child support was ever established. 

He stated he was giving the mother of his child $4K to $5K a month. 

But, once he lowered the amount to $1,500 it caused a rift, and a warrant for child abandonment was filed while he was still trying to negotiate a child support agreement. 

Watch the video clip below as Joc explains.

Hopefully, Yung Joc and the child’s mother will be able to reach a child support agreement in the best interest of their child.