Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Yandy, Samantha, & Kisha Finally Squash Their Beef 

In Season 10, Episode 25 of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” Yandy, Kisha, and Samantha finally squashed their five-year-old beef for the love of Lil Mendeecees.

In the episode, Yandy scheduled a meet-up with her sister Kisha to try to come to some resolve over her physically attacking Samantha at a “Love & Hip Hop” reunion show five years ago.

Samantha came in hot at the meet-up, after expressing appreciation to Yandy for coordinating the meeting, she gave Kisha a stare, and Kisha asked, “What you got to say to me, hun?… It’s been a long time coming, and I been waiting.”

After a little giggle, Samantha led with, “Well, I want to clear the air because we know Yandy be lying… And I need to know was that planned?”

From there, things quickly went left.

Samantha asked Kisha did Yandy set up the attack.

Kisha explained to Samantha that she acted alone because when she feels her sister is being threatened she would jump up against anybody no matter who it is.

Samantha got spicy with Kisha, and the conversation got very aggressive until Mendeecees jumped in as a voice of reason.

Yo! C’mon man, just chill the f**k out! We didn’t come here for that. 

My son is involved. Yo!… Work this sh*t out!

We didn’t come here for that. You understand?…. 

That’s my son’s mother, you my wife, you my sister-in-law, I’m never letting her threaten you, and I’m not letting you threaten her.

Samantha then asked for an apology from Kisha, and even to Yandy’s surprise, Kisha apologized to Samantha for the love of Lil Mendeecees.

Listen, you want an apology?… 

I apologize for attacking you, okay, that’s it, it wasn’t planned, it wasn’t setup. 

I love your son, and on the strength of him, I’m willing to make all this work. 

It was never a setup. I acted on emotions. 

We’re gonna move forward, we’re gonna do it for the sake of Lil Mendeecees because if Mendeecees sees all of us together happy, he’s gonna be happy, and that’s the goal. 

Point blank!… I love that boy!

Samantha accepted Kisha’s apology and she vowed to leave the past in the past.

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It was good to see these ladies put their differences aside for the love they all have for Lil Mendeecees, and he was very happy to hear the news.

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