Yandy and Mendeecees will be renewing their vows in Dubai later this month, thanks to a federal judge approving Mendeecees’ travel request.

Mendeecees is still on supervised release until 2025, therefore, he must get approval to travel.

According to his parole officer, Mendeecees’ compliance with the conditions of his supervised release made it easy for the judge to grant his request.

Mendeecees did a five-year bid for drug trafficking and he was recently reunited with his family in January.

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Since his release, the couple has appeared on VH1’s “Couples Retreat,” and they have shared some shocking revelations about their relationship during Mendeecees’ time away.

Watch the video below to see Mendeecees’ response to would he hold Yandy down if the roles were reversed:

Mendeecees was wrong for that, but at least he was honest.

Yandy and Mendeecees’ wedding ceremony aired live as a VH1 special in 2015, but Yandy revealed in an episode that they were never legally married.

I have a union with Mendeecees, but I did not go into a partnership with Mendeecees and the government.

Watch the video below from the wedding special to see how the couple met:

It is unclear if the wedding in Dubai will make their marriage legally binding, but either way, we wish the couple the best life has to offer.

Source: TMZ