'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta': Lil Mendeecees Reveals How He Was Affected By Yandy Smith-Harris & His Mother Samantha Wallace's Relationship

In Season 10, Episode 20 of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” 16-year-old Lil Mendeecees Harris Jr. had a very mature conversation with his stepmom, Yandy Smith-Harris, about how he was affected by her relationship with his mother, Samantha Wallace.

During the episode, Mendeecees Sr. was pressing Yandy to agree to have dinner with Samantha so they can hash out their issues.

He even used Lil Mendeecees as a catalyst saying that he also wanted Yandy and Samantha to have dinner and resolve their issues, but Yandy found out that Lil Mendeecees felt it was too soon for her and his mom to attempt to resolve their issues, over a meal.

Lil Mendeeces also revealed to Yandy how he was impacted as a young boy seeing his mom “physically touched” on the reunion show.

What had happened at that reunion… where my mom was, you know, physically touched.

I was young having to see that on tv, having my friends see that…

Yandy said it broke her heart to hear how Lil Mendeecees was impacted by her actions because over the years she never took the time to consider how he was feeling at that moment.

He also apologized to Yandy for not knowing how to treat her when she and his mom were at odds.

I didn’t really know how to treat you when you and my mom, when y’all were at odds. So, that’s my fault for that.

Yandy reassured Lil Mendeecees that he didn’t owe her or anyone an apology because he was just a kid in this.

Watch the clip from ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ of Lil Mendeecees revealing how he was impacted by the reunion show below:

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During the reunion show, that was referenced on the episode, two individuals that Yandy knew rushed the staged and “physically touched” Samantha Wallace.

Watch the video clip from the reunion show below:

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