Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Yandy Checks Mendeecees For Setting Up A Surprise Dinner With Samantha

In Season 10, Episode 24 of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” Mendeecees attempted to squash the beef between his wife, Yandy, and his baby mother, Samantha, by inviting them to a surprise dinner.

The surprise was really on Yandy because Mendeecees already discussed the dinner with Samantha and her fiancé.

The dinner did not go well, and Mendeecees did not attain his goal of getting Yandy and Samantha to come to a compromise, but they did agree they would meet up one-on-one to further the discussion.

Yandy let Mendeecees have it outside of the restaurant, she questioned the setup, and she told him she felt blindsided because they had talked about a possible meet-up, and she had already told him no.

Mendeecees stance was that he would do anything to get his family back to a peaceful place.

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Yandy & Samantha’s Beef:

Yandy and Samantha’s beef stems from a Love & Hip Hop Reunion show where Samantha was allegedly physically hit by one of Yandy’s family members who came from the audience.

The incident occurred during an on-stage argument between Yandy and Samantha.

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Earlier this season, a now 16-year-old Lil Mendeecees revealed to his stepmother Yanda how he was affected as a child by seeing his mother be “physically touched” on the reunion show.

Near the end of episode 24, Yandy and Samantha did keep their promise to reconvene and discuss their issues one on one, and surprisingly they did come to a resolution.

Watch the clip from “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” below:

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