Bambi Richardson recently clarified her “have that same energy” text to her mother-in-law Momma Dee on the “It’s Tricky with Raquel Harper” podcast.

According to Bambi, Momma Dee recently brought her name up when a fan called her disrespectful for posting a picture on Instagram at Shay Johnson‘s baby shower. 

Momma Dee’s son Lil Scrappy used to date Shay.

Momma Dee responded to the fan:

I’m down for who down for me I’ve never heard bam even give a f*** about what I ate. Send me flowers for my birthday. Give me a greeting card I supposed to leave Shea alone because she’s insecure she’s f****** insecure and she’s dragging my son and my son and I are not even speaking because of her insecurity’s I’m done.

Bambi said she never met Shay, and she has no problem with Shay and Momma Dee’s friendship, but she texted Momma Dee to find out why she dragged her name into a situation she has nothing to do with.

See Bambi’s text below:

Bambi said she told Momma Dee to “keep that same energy when you see me in person” because she had just had a nice conversation with Momma Dee and a few days later she was on the internet talking recklessly.

I had just saw her and it was like, ‘Oh!… Hey, my daughter-in-law, oh my god! I love you. And then, two days later you on the internet talking reckless.

Bambi then implied that a lot of the beef on “Love & Hip Hop” is scripted, and for the most part, she and Momma Dee are cool outside of the show.

Watch the video below:

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Source: TMZ