Mama Joyce - Kandi Burruss

When you see Mama Joyce trending in the streets of social media you can bet your bottom dollar it ain’t about nothing good!

The mother of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss is receiving a lot of flack for the advice she gave Kandi in regards to her estate.

Mama Joyce Gives Kandi Estate Advice

Kandi and her husband, Todd Tucker, have been working on setting up their estates in the event of their untimely demise.

In the clip, that is circulating on social media, Kandi informs Mama Joyce of her and Todd’s plans to create different estates.

That’s when MJ told Kandi, “The stuff that you had before the marriage…that should be in a separate trust for your children.”

She noted that Todd should have “accumulated enough” money to take care of himself.

Mama Joyce went on to advocate Kandi’s eldest daughter, Riley Burruss, saying, “But, I think with Riley being that child that was there before anybody…I think that’s the child that you should put in the forefront.”

The Tucker Family

Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker have a blended family of four children.

Kandi has Riley from a previous relationship, Todd has Kaela from a previous relationship, and they have two children, Ace Wells Tucker and Blaze Tucker, together.

No Re-Marrying Allowed

But, let’s get back to this trust…Kandi explained to her mother that when she’s gone, she feels like her husband should get SUMTHINGGGG (in my Caresha voice). 

However, Mama Joyce begs to differ. 

She asked Kandi, “Why you gonna set somebody up with a lavish lifestyle?” She continued, “And then somebody moving in your house.”

That’s when Kandi added a footnote that if tragedy were to strike, she does not want Todd to remarry. 

She’s okay with him having a boo thang, but she doesn’t want him to remarry and give another woman legal rights to anything that could possibly go to their children.

Kandi also went on record saying she would not remarry if Todd was called to glory.

Watch the clip of Mama Joyce’s advice hour below.

Twitter Reacts To Mama Joyce

Mama Joyce and Kandi Burruss are trending on Twitter as people share their reactions, thoughts, and opinions on their conversation.

One person tweeted, “Ok did I hear right did Mama Joyce tell @Kandi to focus more on Riley’s future than HER other two children? I don’t wanna talk about anybody mama. But what grandmother says something like that about HER OWN grandchildren? #rhoa

Another person wrote, “I do agree with Mama Joyce on ONE thing Riley inheritance should be separate from Todd’s children #RHOA

Read more tweets below.

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  1. I didn’t agree with everything being saying by Kandi nor Mama Joyce but I’m just praying for all parties involved and wishing this Family nothing but the very best!

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