NeNe Leakes Shades ‘RHOA’… ‘Check The Ratings’

NeNe Leakes recently threw some shade at “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” when she was asked if they need her and Kim Zolciak back on the show.

NeNe responded: 

Well, I would just say check the ratings…

Well, I mean, that should give you an answer.

NeNe Leakes said that she would come back to the show for the fans because the fans are the ones that love her and love to see her in that position, and she would do anything for them.

Nene also spoke on being edited out of the flashback trailer on a recent episode of the show.

I thought that was funny, and I thought that was kind of crazy to do.

But I also think that people sometimes use, um, reverse psychology and so maybe they were thinking if we edit her out maybe they would make more people tune in the next week.

So that’s how I try to think of it. Maybe they were like, ‘Okay we going to edit her out and then people will tune in next week to watch.’

I mean, I don’t know, but I think it was a bad move to do.

…I don’t even think it was production because production only do what their orders are that they get from the top.

So somebody from the top ordered that to be done, and they did what they were told to do.

Watch the clip of NeNe Leakes throwing shade at “RHOA” from “TMZ” below:

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