Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Bambi Finds Out Scrappy Has Been Linking Up With Diamond From Crime Mob

Bambi and Lil Scrappy are on the verge of divorce after she found out he’s been linking up with Diamond from Crime Mob on the MTV season premiere of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.”

The season premiere episode ended with Bambi and Lil Scrappy having an intense argument about his alleged link-ups with Diamond.

The argument occurred while they were packing up the stuff in their home, preparing to go their separate ways.

Bambi accused Scrappy of slandering her name in Diamond’s DMs.

You bring people into this marriage.

…You were just in a person’s DMs that you use to date.

Talking about I’m a f***** up person and all this sh*t.

Why are you still attempting to be with me if I’m so horrible?… Why?

…I didn’t know you were that horrible, I didn’t know you was telling b****es that I was jealous and all this type of sh*t in their DMs. I didn’t know you were doing that.

When I’m sitting there looking at my husband’s phone seeing him frolicking on The Millennium Tour then I understand why you was acting how you was acting.

According to Bambi, the text messages that she saw between Scrappy and Diamond were setting up link-ups after the shows.

The text message between Scrappy and Diamond they were, you know, setting up link-ups, like, after the shows.

They were like I’m in room 258, are you coming to my room?

This is a different type of betrayal here.

Watch the clip of Bambi and Scrappy’s argument from the MTV premiere of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” below:

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