Love & Marriage Huntsville Reunion Part 1: LaTisha Scott Muppetizes Melody Holt & Keke

In the “Love & Marriage Huntsville” Season 5 reunion, part 1, LaTisha Scott introduced puppetry arts to the show to drive home her point that her cousin, Keke, is Melody Holt’s puppet.

During the season, Keke appeared on a few episodes as Mel’s friend, but she was allegedly brought on the show to give Mel insight into the alleged infidelities LaTisha and Marsau had in their marriage.

LaTisha was upset that her cousin would come on a nationally televised show to divulge personal information about her marriage, and she let Keke know during the season, but Keke insisted she wasn’t being shady she was just being honest.

During the reunion show, LaTisha made a quick exit, appearing to leave the set because she was frustrated with Keke’s responses to direct questions, but she returned with puppets of Melody and Keke, and she did a skit with the puppets to drive home her opinion of Keke coming on the show as Mel’s puppet.

Latisha’s muppet skit:

Melody’s puppet: Keke have you ever said anything?…  Have you ever witnessed Marsau cheated before 2018?…

Can I film with you?…

Will you come on the show and talk about your cousin?…

Keke’s puppet: Yes, I can… What would you like me to say?

Melody’s puppet: Can you talk about her and her husband?…

LaTisha and Marsau said that the puppets were not an indication of anybody and were for entertainment purposes only, but they were clearly puppets of Melody and Keke.

Everyone on the show got a good laugh from LaTisha’s muppet skit, but Keke seemed to be the most offended.

As the conversation continued, Keke got called out for playing double agent with Melody and the Scotts, but she claimed she was being transparent because there was nothing for her to hide.

…Trying to be open, and honest, and transparent, to let her know that there was nothing about me and Melody’s relationship that was a threat to me and her relationship.

So I would go and talk to her about certain things.

There was nothing for me to hide.

LaTisha revealed that she and Keke were close since they were 13, but Keke has always had a smart mouth and their relationship has always been rocky, but they would always find a way back together because they love each other.

Ironically by the end of the show, after LaTisha spent most of the reunion defending her husband Marsau against rumors of infidelity in their marriage, she revealed that she found a picture of a woman in his phone in the past.

Watch the clip from “Love & Marriage Huntsville” season 5, reunion part 1 below:

But, that’s not all…there was plenty of shade, secrets, and rumors bouncing back and forth across the stage like a beach ball.

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