Michole Briana White

BMF” star Michole Briana White recently sat down with Ice Cream Convos for an enlighting and empowering convo about the series, her career, and mental health. 

The hit Starz series dramatizes the inspiring true story of two brothers, Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory and Terry “Southwest T” Flenory, who rose from the decaying streets of southwest Detroit in the late ’80s and gave birth to one of the most influential crime families in the country: Black Mafia Family. 

Michole Briana White - Lucille Flenory

In the series, Michole portrays Meech and Southwest T’s mother, Lucille Flenory and she shared that the experience has been “quite special.” 

This whole journey has been so special.

I can tell you so many little magical things that have happened on this journey that are like, ‘Whoah, is this like for real? Wow.’

I think that there are some roles or jobs that you can manifest and then there are those things that are just divinely yours.

I think this was just one of those things. I was just so clear that I was meant to be here.

When I first read the material I connected to her immediately.

It was like, ‘Oh, I know this woman. I get this. I feel this.” And I knew nothing about BMF before. 

Michole added, “It’s just an honor to really step into her shoes and I feel like her voice is so important because you don’t often see where men like this come from.”

“You assume that they just grew up in the streets. I just think it’s so important to know that they came from a family – I always say this line that ‘they didn’t come from a broken home…they came from a broken neighborhood.’ 

Michole Briana White, who is a Chicago native, is a seasoned vet and an accomplished actress in Hollywood. 

She has shared her talents with the world for over three decades.

When asked about her keys to longevity, she humbly replied, “This business is so challenging…really. The only thing I can say is the key to my longevity is that I know that this is part of my divine purpose to heal through art.”

She added, “I’m still here by grace and because I believe it’s a part of my divine purpose.”

I spoke to Michole, who practices mediation and energy work, on the day the world learned of Stephen “tWitch” Boss’ passing.

She graciously shared a few amazing meditation tips for beginners, like myself, as well as a wonderful affirmation that I’m sure will be helpful to everyone. 

Our convo with Michole Briana White is undoubtedly the perfect interview to kick off 2023. 

Watch below. 

Special thanks to Michole for the wonderful convo and be sure to tune in to Starz this Friday, June 6 for the BMF” Season 2 premiere.

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