Lolo Jones Drags Shaq For Calling Angel Reese ‘The Greatest Athlete To Come Out Of LSU Sports’

LSU alumni, and super athlete in her own right, Lolo Jones, said Shaq had to be ‘high” on pain meds when he said Angel Reese is “the greatest athlete to come out of LSU Sports.”

Look, Shaq knew what he was doing.

You know, Shaq’s just bored, okay. 

He’s coming off the hip surgery, you know, he’s chilling at home.

I think Shaq, honestly, is high on some pain medicine because like you said the list is so big with LSU.

I just got back from practice, I train with 13 Olympic Pro Athletes, all former LSU.

To my right is Mondo Duplantis, the best track and field athlete in the world!… Currently, in the world!

He was so good he went pro his Freshman year and won the Olympics.

Like, he can break the world record at his command.

He’s that good!

For, like, Shaq to say she’s the best ever, I’m like bro chill on the pain meds, chill!

Because that list is arduous. Like, so long!

Lolo went on to name other amazingly talented track athletes she trains with at LSU who have broken American records.

She went on to run down her Carfax Report of accomplishments, but she said she wouldn’t even consider herself the best to come out of LSU.

Yes, I’ve had a heavyweight career, you know, like 11 Americans have done what I’ve done…

And making the Summer and Winter games.

And I’m a 4x World Champion.

And I’m a, you know, Track & Field and Bobsled World Champion.

But, I wouldn’t put myself at the top of that list because I go to practice everyday with mofos who have better stats than me at LSU, and I’m like, ‘Wait, so, if I’m at practice and there’s already eight people that’s better than me, like, where does that put Angel?

Lolo made it clear that she’s not hating on Angel and she hopes she keeps cooking, but LSU Track & Field is the powerhouse for the university because they have the most national titles.

Shaq recently called Angel Reese “the greatest athlete to come out of LSU sports” on his “Big Podcast” because “she delivered that package.”

She’s probably the greatest athlete ever to come out of LSU sports.

You heard it here first. Male and female.

Did you hear what I just said?…

Male and female… ever!…

Yes, because guess what she delivered.

She delivered that package.

See, a lot of us got the package, and we still got the package in our truck. 

She delivered that package.

So, you know, it’s a lot of names you can throw around men and women, but she’s probably the greatest athlete.

Some people going to exclude it to women athlete.

I’m not doing that.

She’s the greatest athlete to ever come out of LSU because she got it done.

Watch the clip of Shaq below. 

Angel Reese led the LSU Lady Tigers Women’s Basketball team to their first NCAA Womens Basketball Championship ever this year.

It looks like Lolo Jones can add “hater” to her list of accolades and accomplishments.

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Source: TMZ

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