Leon & Wanda Tease A 'Snowfall' Spin-off & Talk About Auntie Louie Taking No Accountability

Snowfall” stars Isaiah John and Gail Bean stopped by Hot 97 to talk about the hit FX Networks series as well as a possible spinoff.

Isaiah stars as “Leon,” Franklin Saint’s childhood friend and right hand man.

Gail star as “Wanda,” Leon’s childhood sweetheart who overcomes a crippling crack addiction and later becomes his wife.

Isaiah John as Leon, Gail Bean as Wanda - Snowfall Season 6

Laura Stylez asked Isaiah and Gail if their “Snowfall” spin-off was really happening, and Isaiah responded, “Oh, it was never a Wanda and Leon spin-off, it’s a Wanda spin-off.”

Gail Bean disagreed and called “cap”, and said we will know more after the season finale.

According to Deadline, sources say the spinoff will be a continuation of the original story set in the 1990s as South Central transitions out of the crack era into the gangter rap business.

Gail’s character, “Wanda,” would serve as the connective tissue between the original show and the spinoff, which is expected to introduce familiar faces from the original series.

Once Ebro realized the final episode of “Snowfall” airs next Wednesday, he said, “The whole Louie trying to blame Saint sh*t is sending me.”

Gail Bean immediately chimed in to add:

She took no accountability. I was so mad!

At what point is it like your out of grief and you need to accept accountability?

Or, like, because even when it happened, and she was like, ‘No we can leave. We can go…’

You could’ve prevented all of this!

You could’ve prevented… If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

And then what really, really, pissed me off was when she was in the tub, and she said, ‘Now I gotta start over.’

Like, cause I worked this hard to get the respect, and now he’s dead and the organization, basically, has folded, crumbled, and now she has to start over.

I just felt like, at what point do you say we lost because of me?

Watch below as Isaiah John and Gail Bean talk “Snowfall” on Hot 97.

Don’t forget to tune in to the series finale episode of “Snowfall” on FX on Wednesday (April 19) at 10 PM EST.

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