NCAA Basketball Champion Cousins Angel Reese & Jordan Hawkins Reunite During 'GMA' Interview

NCAA women’s basketball champion Angel Reese, recently had a surprise reunion with her NCAA men’s basketball champion cousin Jordan Hawkins during a “GMA” interview.

On Sunday, April 2, Angel Reese and the LSU Lady Tigers won their first NCAA Womens Championship in franchise history, and the very next day (April 3) her cousin, Jordan Hawkins, won his first NCAA championship with the UCONN Huskies.

During the interview, Angel Reese mentioned that she hadn’t seen Jordan since they won their championships, and she was shocked when he came out from the back and surprised her live on the air.

She screamed and gave him a hug, and told him that he didn’t even tell her that he was coming.

He responded, “That was the whole point.”

They shared how proud of each other they were, and Angel said she use to beat him in basketball at family functions when they were younger, but she didn’t trash-talk with him.

Before Jordan came out to surprise Angel, she talked about not wanting to play basketball anymore after suffering two major injuries, and she talked about her hand gesture to Caitlain Clark after they defeated Iowa in the championship game.

Watch the clip of the Angel Reese interview from “GMA” below:

Congratulations to Angel Reese and Jordan Hawkins on their chips.

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