Did Lizzo Win Halloween?

Lizzo is being dubbed the winner of Halloween by many for her controversial Chrisean Rock costume and her amazing Marge Simpson costume.

It is very apparent that Lizzo put a lot of thought into her Halloween looks this year, and her execution was flawless.

Although her Chrisean Rock costume was met with some controversy, she killed the look.

On Friday (October 28), Lizzo made three posts to her Instagram account in full Bluetooth (Chrisean Rock) mode.


Many people felt that Lizzo made a bad decision with the Chrisean Rock look because they feel Chrisean is in a toxic relationship with rapper Blueface, and their story is being exploited by the Zeus network.

Many others saw nothing at all wrong with the Chrisean costume and felt like it may encourage her.

Scoop some comments below:

Lizzo won Halloween comment 1.
Lizzo won Halloween comment 2.
Lizzo won Halloween comment 3.
Chrisean Rock costume comment 4.
Chrisean Rock costume comment 5.

Lizzo’s most recent look posted to her Instagram page is Marge Simpson, and the hair, makeup, and outfit are on point.

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