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Monica Get ‘Booked’ As Left Eye For Halloween & Draws Mixed Reactions

Singer Monica as Lisa Left Eye Lopes - Halloween

Monica stays booked and busy, but this Halloween she was booked into Fulton County Jail as Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes.

The “Should’ve Known Better” singer re-created Left Eye’s infamous mugshot photos after she was arrested for burning down the $1.7 million mansion of then-Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Andre Rison on June 9, 1994.

The late TLC singer and former NFL baller had a tumultuous relationship that was plagued with domestic violence.

While Monica’s Halloween costume was picture-perfect and spot-on, it garnered mixed reactions. 

Her peers and fans absolutely loved it. 

Reactions to Monica's Left Eye costume

But, there were also some who criticized and scolded Monica for making a Halloween costume out of “Left Eye’s lowest moment” but also of a domestic violence survivor. 

One commenter wrote, “Out of all the iconic Left Eye photos to dress up as she chose this one. Just tasteless and disrespectful.”

Attorney Tammy Allison wrote: 

As a super fan, I’m disturbed. As a survivor of domestic violence myself DURING domestic violence awareness month, dressing up as a known late survivor of DV is irresponsible. Considering your own plea for #clemency for @cmurder (eligibility is questionable)I hope there’s a deeper meaning, connection, or message to make this choice of “costume” make sense. Perhaps advocating for a posthumous pardon for the state conviction she received when she was clearly acting out of frustration of DV abuse. If so, great & I’ll be happy to offer guidance @pardonattorney.

Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins of TLC is here for the costume. 

She slid into the comments to share that she was the one who dressed Left Eye that day.

Haaaaaaaa??? U crazy love it!!!! Funny story I dressed her that day…. And My Mama Said Why U Give Her That Ugly Ass Dress… And I Said That’s What She Picked ??‍♀️ But Like WHY Did I Hv That Dress In The First Place ??‍♂️lol Miss My Sister ??? Funny … U Did That ???

Monica responded to T-Boz’s comment writing:

@therealtboz OMG YOU’RE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DRESS…. ?I can hear Ms. Gayle saying this… ? andddddd why did you have it? But ok ok lol ILOVE U!! Watching you all work was so impactful for me as a child but your continued support then always helped me stay on track! Both yours and Lisa’s ability to stay true to who you are left a mark of authenticity & humility on me that I’ve kept close to my heart for decades ❤️

Read a few Twitter reactions below.


*UPDATE* Monica has deleted the post.

Let me know your thoughts on Monica’s Left Eye costume in the comments below or join the convo on our socials. (Facebook, Instagram)

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