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Diddy ‘Takes Dat’ As Heath Ledger’s Joker For Halloween & Barks On ‘2-Bit’

Diddy as The Joker Halloween 2022

Diddy appears to have taken the no. 1 spot this Halloween when he popped out as Heath Ledger‘s version of “The Joker.”

The music mogul fully embodied the character and was fully committed to portraying the Joker to the point where his fans and peers were blown away.

See The Joker in action below.


Unfortunately, the fun and shenanigans took a left turn when Diddy got into a heated verbal altercation with actor Michael J. Ferguson, who is best known for his role as “2-Bit” on “Power.”

It’s unclear what sparked the discord between the two men, but the Joker was ready for all of the smoke (with security within arm’s reach).

The good news is after putting on a performance for onlookers, Diddy eventually toned down his energy and the fellas were able to hug it out.

Watch the video of the tomfoolery below.

What a Halloween! What are your thoughts on Diddy as “The Joker?”

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