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LisaRaye Addresses Her Awkward Birthday Surprise From Da Brat & Apologizes To Her Co-Hosts (Video)

On the latest episode of “Cocktails with Queens,” LisaRaye took a moment to address her super awkward birthday surprise from her sister, Da Brat.

In case you missed it, things went completely left when Brat came on the show to surprise her sister on her birthday after being estranged from her for nearly six months.

To say things went left would be a huge understatement. I mean, it got to the point where LisaRaye cursed at her co-hosts.

In the clip, LisaRaye said she hopes everyone watched the entire episode to have a full understanding of where her hurt came from.

She went on to say she apologizes because that is not the “kind of show” that they are and she apologized to her co-hosts for getting extra spicy with them.

Watch below:

I pray the sisters will be able to make amends before too much time passes.

Tomorrow isn’t promised.

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