Da Brat & Her Wife Judy Dupart Praise Ray J For Calling For Straight Men To Support The LGBTQ Community More

Da Brat and her wife Jesseca Dupart recently praised Ray J for supporting the LGBTQ community and encouraging more straight men to support the LGBTQ community.

Ray J posted an 11-minute video on his IG that he hopes goes viral because he feels it’s not enough straight men showing love to the LGBQT community.

In the video, Ray says it’s gay pride month and he wants to sponsor the month and make it “Ray Pride” month.

Da Brat said she appreciates Ray J speaking out and expressing how he feels.

I kind of appreciate him for speaking out and saying how he feels, like, shout out everybody!

You shouldn’t discriminate, like, if someone you know and love is gay and they’re doing something great shout them out, give them their flowers too, why not?

They’re human, we are all human!

Jesseca also chimed in and made a weird comment about not being able to eat an elephant in a day, but her point was in agreement with Da Brat that it may take more than Ray J speaking out to affect some change.

Watch the video below:

Watch Ray J’s IG video below:


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Source: TMZ

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