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LisaRaye Has Joined OnlyFans, See Her Announcement (Video)

LisaRaye is the latest celebrity to join OnlyFans to collect coins while engaging her fans.

The actress and Fox Soul talk show host took to Instagram on Friday and said:

I promise you when I post on Instagram, by the time I scroll through all the haters and the negative people and the naysayers or the folks who got some type of negative opinion or whatever it makes me exhausted.

She want on to add:

I got all this content and all the little special stuff and behind-the-scenes stuff that I want to do, but it makes me feel like I don’t want to put it on Instagram cause they gone all have something to say. So, if I can have a place that only my people come to, only my fans, only my likes, only my members, only my people that mess with me…you know what? I could do an OnlyFans page.

Watch below as LisaRaye announces her OnlyFans:

According to her page, you memberships start at $20.

Are you planning to join?

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