Dana Stubblefield, the former 49ers lineman who won defensive player of the year honors in 1997, was sentenced to 15 years to life on Thursday for raping a prospective babysitter at his Morgan Hill, California home five years ago.

In July, Stubblefield was found guilty of rape, with the threat of a gun, a woman – identified in court as Jane Doe – who came to Stubblefield’s house on April 9, 2015, for a babysitting interview.

Stubblefield was also convicted of forcible oral copulation and false imprisonment.

He is being held in the Santa Clara County jail.

Jane Doe testified that she interviewed and left the home and Stubblefield texted her, saying he would like to pay her for her travel expenses.

Jane Doe said when she returned, Stubblefield gave her $80, locked the front door and carried her into a first-floor bedroom, and assaulted her.

Stubblefield’s attorneys, Kenneth Rosenfeld and Allen Sawyer claim that Jane Doe had engaged in paid sex with Stubblefield.

Stubblefield’s attorneys have had issues with the sentencing Judge Arthur Bocanegra, who denied their motion for a new trial.

He also denied their motion for a new judge to preside over the case and he refused to allow them to present the core of their defense – their claim that Jane Doe had engaged in paid sex with Stubblefield and she was not intellectually disabled as portrayed by the prosecution.

The attorneys proved that Jane Doe’s familiarity with social-media contradicted the prosecution’s intellectual disability claims.

“We proved it and the jury found that was not true,” Sawyer said. “That false narrative corrupted this trial from start to finish.”

Stubblefield’s attorneys plan to appeal their client’s conviction and they hope to get a different outcome in the appellate court.

Stubblefield’s attorneys contend that Jane Doe returned to the home for a paid consensual sexual encounter.

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Source: The Mercury News

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