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Lauren London Releases L.A. Love Story Collection & Opens Up About Her Support System

Lauren London Reveals Her Support System That Fills Her Cup

Lauren London recently appeared on Power 106 FM’s “Power Mornings with Letty & Teddy,” in Los Angeles, and she opened up about her support system.

After sharing one of her beautiful morning prayers, host Letty Peniche had to let it breathe for a minute before she asked Lauren who fills her cup since she’s always so attentive to the needs of others.

Lauren responded:

I have some very wise Elders and healers that I lean on.

I have a therapist I love dearly.

I have a lot of strong Black women in my family that are prayer warriors, and I didn’t realize until recently how that really, like, influenced who I am.

So, if it gets to tricky I know to go to my auntie’s house and get a real prayer, a real one!

I read a lot, I watch a lot of T.D. Jakes, I watch a lot of Reverend Michael Beckwith.

I have a lot of wise Elders around me that I respect and truly hold dear.

Watch the video clip of the Lauren London interview on “Power Mornings with Letty & Teddy” below:

Lauren London was on the show to promote her LA Love Story Puma Collection, which dropped on November 11.

According to Puma:

Each piece of the collection is inspired by the city that raised her.
Colors represent the Los Angeles landscape, and special pieces are emblazoned with a motto from Nipsey Hussle that Lauren keeps close to her heart: “It’s not on you, it’s in you.”
This collection is a physical manifestation of her love for L.A. – a piece of her heart for wearers to take with them.
Created in collaboration with PUMA, the collection is a mix of timeless streetwear infused with Lauren’s effortless style.

See some looks from the collection below:

We pray that God continues to comfort Lauren London and the Asghedom family.

RIP Nipsey Hussle.

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