Kyrie Irving was fined $25k for calling some Cleveland Cavalier fans, that were heckling him during a game, one of Richard Pryor’s favorite curse words.

Kyrie’s team, the Brooklyn Nets, played the Cleveland Cavaliers on MLK day (January 17), and a sarcastic fan shouted, “Kyrie, you need LeBron?”

Kyrie responded, “I got y’all a championship and you motherf***ers still ungrateful.”

One of the hecklers said, “I feel grateful for you,” and Kyrie, who appeared to have had enough of the back and forth banter, responded, “Nah!.. Keep it, keep it. Save it.”

Another heckler responded, “Hey, it’s just one.”

Someone needs to inform that heckler that the Cleveland Cavaliers only have one NBA Championship (2016), which is the one Kyrie helped them get.

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Kyrie Irving made the game-winning shot in the 2016 Finals over the Golden State Warriors to secure Cleveland’s one and only NBA championship.

Watch the video below:

Imagine if you had to deal with hecklers while you work.